Game Artist


Birlikte oyun geliştirirken eğlenecek özel bir ekip kurmayı hedefliyoruz. Hyper-Casual Oyun Geliştirme ağımıza katkıda bulunacak ve Casual Oyunlarımız için geliştirme ekibinin bir üyesi olacak yetenekli ve deneyimli bir game artist arıyoruz.

About Roof Games

Roof Games, which was founded as a subsidiary of Roof Stacks which started its activities in Gebze Informatics valley in 2015, made a rapid entry into the gaming industry in 2020 with its dynamic and competent staff. Providing service on augmented reality, artificial intelligence and block chain technologies, Roof Games, carries out game development activities in its own motion capture studio. Roof Games aims to serve ahead of the age with its large and talented staff consisting of 2D illustrators, 3D modelling, animation, motion graphics, and software development and project teams. It goes on to grow with the motivation of continuing to produce fully equipped and innovative games. Developing casual mobile games in its comfortable and fun office in the Informatics Valley, Roof Games improving casual mobile games in its comfortable and fun office in the Informatics Valley is looking forward to everyone who wants to be a part of this friendly team!

General Qualifications

  • Excellent educational background in Visual Arts, Fine Arts or other similar quantitative field
  • Worked in the game and software industry (AR/VR, Hologram etc.)
  • Understand the esthetics of visual communication in order to satisfy the team requirements
  • Experienced in Character Design, Game Concepts, User Interfaces and Interaction Design
  • Layout/Analytical skills and Creativity
  • Desktop publishing tools and graphic design softwares like Photoshop, illustrator etc.


  • A strong grasp of colour, light, composition, perspective and depth
  • Problem solver that creates innovative designs
  • Great ability to create a comic book poses
  • Ability to create, adapt, and iterate, within a variety of artistic styles
  • Inclination for constructive collaboration
  • Ability to understand, and communicate visual direction through images

Job Decription

  • Communicate with the clients and/or Art Director to understand the concept and requirements of a project
  • Illustrates concept by designing rough layout of art and copy regarding arrangement, size, type size and style, and related aesthetic concepts.
  • Communication Methods

    • To be able to convey ideas easily,
    • To be in professional communication with each stakeholder,
    • To be clear, short, open and persuasive in all kinds of communication,
    • To detect problems in advance and resolve them without personalization,
    • Communication with the developer team


    • To help the team put together a better quality and sustainable product,
    • To be able to offer practical solutions with solution focus,
    • To direct all kinds of technical and non-technical communication negotiations in a way that results in a positive outcome.
    • To know team, task and/or customer issues and cooperate with relevant managers when necessary to quickly prevent or resolve them,
    • To act with common sense in solving the problem.
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