Dangerous adventures of the firefly

Help the little firefly search for its family! Keep Tappy Wings away from obstacles and enemies he will encounter along his journey and reunite Tappy with his family at the end of each level.

Run away from obstacles!

Tappy faces many obstacles on his way to reunite with his family. He must avoid hitting rocks, escape from insect-eating plants, and tackle many other obstacles. Other insects on his path also pose danger for him. You need to protect Tappy from other bugs with nimble moves!

Collect the gold!

Collect the gold you come across along the way. You will have to choose from dozens of products to spend the gold you have collected when you get to the online store.

Our little heroes need you!

Lead our heroes for the shortest and safest routes in this challenging journey, reunite them with their families. It's time to witness the exciting adventures of Tappy Wings and his friends. Let’s begin!

All kinds of accessories!

You can buy various types of accessories of Tappy with the gold you collect; all in the online store.

Play with different characters!

If you collect enough gold, you can play with other characters instead of your main character, Tappy Wings. There are various characters in the shop!

Discover new maps!

Struggling to survive at the forest in the first levels, Tappy switches to different maps as it progress through the levels.

You can be number 1!

The more gold you collect on the levels, the higher you rank among other players. Thriving on is in your hands!